ChristmasCam (usually LivingroomCam)
Image of Kitchen
Control accent lights that are scattered about the house.
Dining Room Accent ON On   Off
Livingroom Light OFF On   Off
Over Kitchen Sink ON On   Off
Garland over livingroom window ON On   Off
Christmas tree angel ON On   Off
Remember that the cameras update every 20 seconds or so therefore you won't see the lights change immediately.
Image of Livingroom
Living Room

A camera in our living room and kitchen, a cable connection, a little software and what do you get? A family's home on the Web! Welcome to our living room. We are usually around in the evening (Pacific Standard Time). Send us email ("misterblue-mb at misterblue dott com") and enjoy relaxing at our house.

Our house has been on the internet over 14 years. We started with an ISDN connection, went to DSL and now have a cable connection. These days anyone one can do this but long ago I had to write my own video capture software and know the phone number of the local phone company tech. A pictorial description of how the hardware is put together these days is on the How It Is Done page.

Many years ago we started leaving a light on at night so the people on the other side of the planet have something to look at besides black. Now you can control some lights so flash us and let us know you are there. I also collect one image an hour for the last 24 hours .

Our living room has been Christmas Cam for a bunch of years. You can check out:

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ChristmasCam 1995
Christmas 1996
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Christmas 1998
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Christmas 2000
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Christmas 2001
ChristmasCam 2001
Christmas 2002
ChristmasCam 2002
Christmas 2003
ChristmasCam 2003
Christmas 2004
ChristmasCam 2004
Christmas 2005
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Christmas 2006
ChristmasCam 2006
Christmas 2007
ChristmasCam 2007
Christmas 2008
ChristmasCam 2008

If you don't believe in Santa Claus, in 1995 we caught Santa Claus putting presents around the tree and drinking the milk left out for him (RealMedia video). We didn't ever catch him again -- we think you can only fool the Santa guy once.

NOTE TO THE CRIMINALLY INCLINED: our house has an alarm (door and window sensors and motion detectors) and we live in a small town whose cops actually show up in five minutes. So, save us both a lot of trouble, and don't even bother.

Pointers to some camera technology:

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